STAR WARS Revelation: Another Point of View

Darth Vader

Now we present you an interesting but controversial article. The author is a journalist, a master of martial arts and Sci-Fi fan Mikhail Didenko.

As we know history is written by the victors.
What does that mean?
Imagine Hitler won. What would we read in school books in that case (If we would)? About evil Allies, and the noble Liberator, isn’t it? History is propaganda – sad but true. Let leave Hitler alone – by the way there are some short stories about his win, and even one big novel by Philip K. Dick (The Man in the High Castle).

Darth Vader and Stormtroopers

Darth Vader and Stormtroopers

Let us talk on funnier and more interesting subject – what if the Star Wars Saga as we know it, is written by the victorious Rebels? What if Rebels were the real scumbags and the Stormtroopers were the good guys?

The whole Star Wars Universe changes its color in one moment and the old story becomes interesting again. And who can say it’s impossible? Han Solo was a real smuggler – even Rebels couldn’t deny it (guess he was too infamous in that part of the Metagalaxy). The only thing their chroniclers could do is change his image a little bit, turning him into the noble gangster, a sort of star Robin Hood… But wait – he wanted money first of all. So if the original Star Wars Trilogy is his official biography, what was the real story then? Guess the PR-managers of the New Republic had to work hard (they had to clean the image of Leia’s husband…)

By the way, who could tell the Old Republic was a good place to live? They had slavery and ‘noble’ Jedis did nothing to change it. Who were they? A sort of galactic Mafia, huh? Maybe they didn’t care about others.

Let’s go further. Palpatine. He was a great leader who could change the society, to make a strong state with one rule, one order. Instead of that Old Republic with its bunch of different exotic regimes making galactic mess. Palpatine could control everything – a right man in a right place.

Of course there were haters, people and aliens who envied his fame and power. Trying to use young hotheads they organized the Rebels movement, created its ideology and the wheel started spinning. One could find unsatisfied people and fringe wannabes in any state and the Star Empire wasn’t an exception. Mercenaries, drug-takers, outlaws, fugitives – everyone who hated rules and laws.

The Rebels were like hippies of 60ies: different clothes, different hairstyle, let alone sex, drugs and rock’n’roll…

Star Wars: Luke and Leia

Star Wars: Luke and Leia

Still they didn’t have enough power to fight – the only thing they could was that ‘hit and run’ tactics. To fight one should have a strong army, not guerilla squads without any discipline.  Till the day one young, silly and gifted pilot joined them. You’ve heard his name – it’s Luke Skywalker. He wasn’t alone – Han Solo and that girl, who called herself ‘the Princess’. The rumor was it was just her nickname in the old days, when she was dancing ‘exotic dances’ in Bestine, on the Tatooine… She claimed to be a sister of Luke, who had no father, but their relations were sort of strange in that case… Later she started dating with Solo, trying to eliminate the rumors, but only made the new ones – even the Rebels were whispering about her ‘adventures’. When she gained power all those people disappeared.

Star Wars: Luke and Darth Vader

Star Wars: Luke and Darth Vader

It’s strange, but Leia always insisted she and Luke were children of… Darth Vader. What was it? An attempt to make a legend? Anyway they both had no father. First people would laugh at it telling the Skywalkers were crazy. Now children learn that at school, and a few survivors keep their mouths shut.

Why did the Rebels win? Did anyone believe that odd story about a young and fearless Luke flying in his X-wing straight to the reactor hole? Looks like a fairy tale. Too beautiful to be true. The true story of the Empire Fall, the story of the betrayal is not revealed yet.

Star Wars


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