Star Wars Stormtrooper Basketball Jersey


  • Officially-licensed Star Wars apparel.
  • Let your geek and your sports fandom meet.
  • Quite possibly the coolest jersey ever.

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Sure, the Stormtroopers put a lot of shooters on the floor, but they never seem to hit the target. And their timing is all off. You gotta know when to take the shot. They probably need some intense one-on-one with the shooting coach, because, honestly, there’s just no excuse for their percentage at the line. Hopefully in the off-season they’ll work on that.

Pump Fake: This is not the shot you are looking for.

Black and white basketball jersey in 100% polyester, athletic mesh. Back identifies the wearer as player Trooper 77. (’77 being a very good year for movies. But we don’t have to tell you that.)


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