Star Trek TOS Tunic Tees

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Four officially licensed shirts, in command-gold, ops-red, sciences-blue, and captain-green. Each shirt has a different “flex and flock” insignia, depending on the department, all of which are on the upper-left chest, except for the captain’s green shirt which places the insignia low on the hip. 100% preshrunk cotton.

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Star Trek TOS Tunic Tees are Comfortable and colorful t-shirts from the Final Frontier

In the 23rd century, a sleek and majestic starship slips through spacetime. Inside this fragile shell of duranium, 440 crew members skitter about, each performing their assigned duties, mostly involving passing clipboards to each other and signing them. Crew members are split into 4 departments: Operations, Sciences, Command, and The Captain, himself.

Each department was color-coded with different tunics. Gold for Command, red for Ops, and blue for Sciences. The Captain, always a giant swinging ego onboard ship, wore his own color – green, with the insignia worn swaggeringly low on his hip. When on duty, every crew member wore their uniforms, but what did they wear when off-duty?

Pretty much, the same shirts, just short-sleeves. Sometimes, though, they just wore them because they are so gosh-darned comfortable!

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