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Firefly: The Board Game


You’re the Captain.

> The most awesome Firefly game ever – it’s like living in the world of the show!
> Captain your own Firefly class starship and zoom around the ‘Verse finding adventure.
> Includes an exclusive, shiny Supply Card!

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Product Description

You’re the Captain.

Exclusive Card: Mal’s Pretty Floral Bonnet! We wanted y’all to have something extra shiny!

If we had our own Firefly class starship, oh the places we’d go and the things we’d do. The people we’d hire and the trouble we’d get into. Alas, our 1:1 working replica ship won’t be completed for another few years. Good thing for us (for all of us Firefly aficionados), that a game now exists which at least can give us the feeling of actually being there. Because that’s how immersive, how involved, how brain-smackingly awesome Firefly: The Board Game is.

In Firefly: The Board Game, each player captains a Firefly class starship. And now that you’re the Captain, you’re gonna need a crew! You’ll find them all over the ‘Verse – same with gear and upgrades. Because what fun is captaining a ship if you can’t customize it?!? Once you got your ship set (or as set as you can), look for work! The jobs you accept all depend on how questionable your morals are – will you just do delivery missions for the Alliance, or will you go all loose cannon and go for the illegal missions? And speaking of the Alliance, they’re out there, too. As are the Reavers. So be careful, take risks, make mistakes, get messy, and enjoy Firefly as you never have before! Firefly: The Board Game – so much fun, we’re going to stop writing now and get back to our game!

Firefly: The Board Game

  • For Ages 13 and up.
  • Live the adventure as you captain your own Firefly class starship, build your crew, upgrade your vessel, and sail around the ‘Verse looking for new and fun ways to misbehave.
  • Exclusive Card: Mal’s Pretty Floral Bonnet (only available from ThinkGeek!)
  • For 1-4 players. Yup, that’s right: you can totally go solo through the ‘Verse.
  • Includes: 5 Supply Decks (25 cards per deck), 5 Contact Decks (25 cards per deck), 2 Nav Decks (40 cards per deck), Misbehave Deck (40 cards), 11 Set Up Cards, 4 Ship Cards, Currency (150 bills), 6 Story Cards, 2 Dice, 167 Tokens, 4 Firefly Models, 1 Alliance Cruiser Model, 1 Reaver Cutter Model, Game Board, and Rules.
  • Dimensions:
    • Game board: 30″ x 20″
    • Firefly Ship: 1.625″ long

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