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Welcome again on our Fans-for-Fans site!

We are a bunch of Sci-Fi fans and enthusiasts: translators and journalists, sportsmen and engineers, writers and artists. We like interesting, intelligent Sci-Fi. We like to talk about it, share our thoughts and emotions with friends and other fans.

Eli Krav

Eli Krav

Eli Krav – Founder of BetterSciFi site.
An engineer by education and a writer by vocation, author of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. He has been caring for Sci-fi in all its moments for more than 30 years. He keeps track of new Sci-Fi gimmicks and still loves good old classic Sci-Fi.


Don’t think that we oppose Sci-Fi and Fantasy. We are not contradictors to the Fantasy genre, we like it, we read it, we watch it, we even write it! This site is just dedicated to Sci-Fi.

In our small store you can find goods that we like and want to share them with others!

If you have any questions, advices or a desire to cooperate, then feel free to e-mail us info@BetterSciFi.com .

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