Ender’s Game the Movie

Ender's Game the Movie

Ender’s Game the Movie

What is Ender’s Game? It is a great movie, fresh in all theatres. It is based on the book of the same name by Orson Scott Card. The amount of articles about this movie is more than just tens of thousands. I have read a couple of dozens of those in three languages. What can I add to all those opinions I have read? I do not aim at giving you more information than you can get in Wikipedia, but I do have my own opinion. This movie is really good.

Ender's Game the Poster

Ender’s Game the Poster

Firstly, it is humanistic. Tolerated humanism with the backstage of harshness and cruelty, but this humanism exists and it makes me happier.

Secondly, the authors did not go crazy about teenager’s feels and worries. Yes, we can observe those but they are not the core of the plot like in Japanese movies or teenager’s anime, none is freaking about those feelings.

Thirdly, the movie hooks you with its fantastic nature. Yes, the world itself is created around different technologies and science, but the hero – the boy – he is unique and fantastic even for its own world. He is fast, his mind is fast, and he is creative in asserting his points of view. The tactical genius in flesh.

Perhaps, I should not talk more about the movie as I do not want to steal the joy of watching from those who has not seen it.

Ender's Game Movie Wallpaper

Ender’s Game Movie Wallpaper

Though, I have an out-of-blue thing to add. Tell, do you like PC-games? No, do not even think that the movie is based on a game. Game-based films are interesting for fans only and give nothing for those who hasn’t played the game itself. Ender’s Game is a stand-alone movie. Though if you have ever played Starcraft… Let me put it this way: if you have never played Starcraft, this movie will be interesting for you. If you have played Starcraft, you will find many coincidences, innuendos and common pictures. And it all adds more fun to viewing. I can drop a hint to heat your interest. Aliens that attacked Earth are nothing more than huge insects and by odd concourse of circumstances they look just like zerlings.

Ender's Game Final

Ender’s Game Final

Maybe, some of you have found more flukes and similarities with other books, films or games? So, let’s discuss!

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