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Welcome to our Sci-Fi fan-site!
Here you can find everything about Sci-Fi: reviews of the Better Sci-Fi Books ever, information on the very trend Sci-Fi Movies, our memories about the best Sci-Fi Books and Films of the past, which may be not THAT popular today, but yet noticeable for contemporary generations.

Here we discuss what is the Better Sci-Fi. What makes it better than others? Where do the differences between good and the best?

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We have a plenty of questions. What is Sci-Fi? What was it in its past and how did it begin? What is Sci-Fi today? Is it better or worse? What on earth makes it so interesting? What is so special about Sci-Fi? Why, despite all the forecasts, does it live, evolve and attract more and more fans?

Here, on our site, we will try to find answers to these questions. And you, our visitors and readers, will decide if we succeeded or not.

Our site will be interesting for those, who love Sci-Fi: TV-series-addicts, cinemaddicts, gamers and even lovers of Sci-Fi anime – since Sci-Fi has so many faces.


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Check for new stuff often. We will try to add new materials as often as it is humanly possible and hope that you will find something really interesting for you!

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